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Contact us: Thank you visiting our website, we look forward to hearing from you! Worshipful Master: Allen Migliorini Phone: 219-508-0966-7970 Email: Senior Warden:  Darin Metheny (Past Master) Phone: 219-221-2690 Email: Junior Warden: Joe Sheets Phone: 219-218-4614 Email: Treasurer:  Roland Albrecht (Past Master) Phone: 219-464-8097 Email: Secretary: Jeffrey L Robb (Past Master) Phone: 219-741-8180 Email: Read more about Contact Us[…]

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Cultural folklore and ancient organizations continue to be intrinsically woven into our modern day society. Look no further than the Freemasons, whose enigmatic history dates back to the Middle Ages with mysterious rituals, language, symbols and handshakes. See the article in the Post Tribune HERE The well-known yet largely misunderstood fraternity still conjures images of Read more about Glen Park Lodge #732 In the Post Tribune[…]