Glen Park Lodge #732 In the Post Tribune

Cultural folklore and ancient organizations continue to be intrinsically woven into our modern day society. Look no further than the Freemasons, whose enigmatic history dates back to the Middle Ages with mysterious rituals, language, symbols and handshakes.

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The well-known yet largely misunderstood fraternity still conjures images of a secret society from centuries ago. What do its members do at meetings? What kind of rituals are performed behind closed doors? Why are antiquated titles still used for leaders?

Outsiders have no clue. Ignorance breeds mystery. Secrets reproduce secrets. Fear creates rumors. This template of shadowy secrecy goes back eons about humankind.

“The brothers of Glen Park Lodge No. 732 have a message for the world – Freemasonry is not a secret society,” said Izzy De Jesus, the lodge’s Worshipful Master. “It is a fraternity of men who take good men and make them better.”

“It is a philanthropy group always looking for opportunities to make a difference in their communities, their countries, and the world,” De Jesus, of Valparaiso, told me.

The lodge was first authorized in 1948, with members to meet in the Red Room of the Gary Masonic Temple at 6th Avenue and Madison Street in Gary. The Most Worshipful Grand Master of the state of Indiana at that time, Carl Hibberd, issued the dispensation for the establishment of the Glen Park Lodge. There were 28 charter members, a total of seven petitions for the degrees of Masonry and 21 petitions for affiliations through transfers of “demits.”

Today, the fraternity’s website states, “2 B 1 ASK 1.”

Sounds cryptic, doesn’t it?

“I would encourage anyone interested to reach out to their local Masonic lodge or Grand Lodge of the state,” explained Jeff Robb, the organization’s secretary and a former master.